Customer Spotlight: CornfedG37 | World's Second Fastest G37 Sedan

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Customer Spotlight: CornfedG37 | World's Second Fastest G37 Sedan

There's no question that when it comes to performance, the G37 Sedan is an underrated platform. After seeing our work with his 350Z, Daniel brought us his G37 Sedan to begin modifying the VQ37VHR with every bolt on you can think of. 

Starting with a set of VQBP Intakes for the G37, available now on our website, as well as a Z1 Motorsports exhaust, Daniel was able to begin making more power with the stock setup. Of course, the thirst for more power only grew stronger, so we moved into phase II of the build. 

Phase II would include prepping the G for E85, which means we were in need of GTR injectors and a Walbro 255. Carrying over from his prior 350Z build, we were able to incorporate those parts and install them into the G37 with ease. After completing this setup, and with a lethal Uprev tune from Martin with @RS-Enthalpy, the G37 made over 330whp. After a few track passes and adjustments, the G37 broke into the 12 second quarter mile range with ease.

Once we saw the potential with this platform, we decided to move forward with Phase III of this build in hopes to achieve breaking the world record of 12.54@111mph. Of course, this seems much easier said than done, as we went back to the drawing board to figure out what we can do to improve the time. After some brainstorming, we determined we needed to dial in the 60' by adding stickier tires to the back, a smaller diameter wheel, and eliminate any restrictions for power.

As such, we equipped the G37 with stock 300zx sawblade style wheels with some sticky Nitto 555R drag radials and a 3.69 VLSD from a 370Z. We also made some additional corrections with the tune to accommodate for the new differential, and made sure to dial up the line pressure in the transmission for lightning quick shifts. We also added a ram air system for the intakes, which would effectively eliminate any airflow restriction that the filters otherwise made. These changes netted us a new quarter mile time of 12.65@109mph. 

As of this post, we have revised the intake system to Mike Upton 3" Intakes, larger ram air cones, ISR longtube headers and a full Tomei exhaust. The result on the dyno, in 85* weather and 67% humidity, was an astounding 342whp and 289wtq. We also discovered there are possible galley gasket issues that are preventing us from making more power up top, but surely this would be sufficient to take on an attempt at the world record. 

Want to check out the videos of the CornfedG37? Head on over to "Rico's Garage" channel on Youtube for all of the content related to this insane build!


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