Carbon Fiber LED Steering Wheel (350Z)

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Fits: '03 - '08 Nissan 350Z

The Carbon Fiber LED Racing Steering Wheel redefines the Z experience. 

This a fully customized genuine 350Z OEM style steering wheel. All wheels are sold with black grips and black stitching; however, we can change the color of the grip material and stitching upon request.

While providing a racing feel with 100% authentic carbon fiber and an LED display, this steering wheel also retains the OEM features including air bag, radio controls and cruise controls. All features will transfer over and work like OEM. The "smart box" unit plugs into your OBDII port and wirelessly transmits the data to the steering wheel. Even more, you are able to program the LED's to your preference of color, RPM at which they come on, and even add your own custom logo to display.

Does not include air bag or controls, but they will transfer over from the factory unit. 

Note: ETA is 4 weeks for fabrication and delivery of this product. Production time and shipping excludes holidays and weekends.