PCI Adjustable Seat Mount - Nissan 370Z Passenger Side

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For Nissan 370Z 2009+
Passenger side
Base, Bracket combo all in one
CNC Laser cut and bent, Powder Coated side and base mounts

Instead of buying individual items for an aftermarket seat install, Pro Car Innovations Racing Spec Seat Mounts makes the process easy and pain-free. Finding the correct seat brackets can be almost impossible where most end up with a self-fabricated mount. PCI has invested the research in order to create an ingeniously crafted safe design that’s easily adjustable to accommodate multiple applications. The PCI Racing Spec Seat Mount Has the largest range of adjustment and lowest possible seat fitment of our seat mount line.

1/8” Steel vs. 3/16” steel

PCI mounts are laser cut and cnc formed completely from one piece for strength, stiffness and weight savings. With our design we can achieve the same strength if not more than 3/16″ steel by having bends and altering the shape to areas where increased strength and stiffness is required. So don’t be fooled by thicker heavier steel is better. 3/16” steel is more widely used for the simplicity of design and manufacturing. When you weld on the mounting legs 3/16″ steel is your only design option. Our mounts exceed the strength of the seat and floor they’re bolted to.

Features and benefits:

  • Precision CNC laser cut and bent from one piece of 1/8” 3mm carbon steel
  • One piece mounting base design
  • Multi direction adjustability
  • 5 and 6 point sub belt mounting locations
  • Single tool adjustments with bottom locking hardware
  • Zinc plated grade 8 hardware
  • Powder coated mounting base and side mounts
  • Stainless steel laser etched bolt on logo plates
  • 1/4″ x1.25″ round black nylon side mount spacers included in kit
  • Uniquely designed for each vehicle for the best possible fitment
  • Mounts to factory bolt locations with precise factory fitment
  • Hassle free easy installation
  • Custom side mount options available

Base and Bracket dimensions:

  •  12 5/8" (320mm) to 19 1/2" (495mm)
  • 6”­(152mm) range front to back adjustments

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