Ported Lower Intake Manifold VQ35DE (350Z | G35)

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The VQ Boys Performance VQ35DE Ported Lower Intake Manifold is a stock intake manifold custom modified to produce significant gains in horsepower and torque across the the entire powerband. This is achieved by opening the runners to their largest possible diameter while maintaining the factory shape for optimal flow. This upgrade is fairly simple, but requires the removal of the upper plenum and fuel rail / injectors.

We highly recommend tuning your vehicle once this is installed.

This item is currently produced per-order and not stocked. An average lead time of approximately 21-30 days should be expected.

Any orders cancelled after 48 hours of placing the order will be subject to a $150 cancellation fee.

Note: For your convenience, we will secure a core for you instead of having to send your manifold in. Please note that the used core types are typically sourced from vehicles with the compatible engine type and are fully functional, but may have cosmetic damages (scratches, swirls) that do not affect performance.

Fits: 03 - 06 Nissan 350z & 03 - 07 Infiniti G35 

Customer Reviews

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Karl Mon

Bought these on February 27th, average lead time takes 14-21 days. Its already May and I've been waiting for 3 months now. I contacted by email, no response. I tried calling and I get the same excuse every time I call. "I will call back later." no updates on when It will ship or anything. At this point I just want my money back.

Intake Looks Great!

Haven’t installed yet but will be getting that done within next few days then it’s off to my Tuner!

Clint Braun

Killer port job