Ported Racing Intake Manifold - Lower Plenum (REV-UP 350Z | G35)

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The VQ Boys Performance ported lower collector manifold is one of the best ways to increase your VQ's power. This part will work on both VQ35DE and Rev-Up engines. For ANY VQ35DE build, this is a critical piece to making more horsepower! For VQ35DE Rev-Up engines, adding the ported lower collector to the Rev-Up VQ35DE engine will result in a steady increase of linear power from low-to-high range rpm.

For Rev-Up engines, adding this lower collector will result in power gains up to 12-18 HP and 10-18 lbs/ft torque, depending on what other supporting mods you have installed.

This item is currently produced per-order and not stocked. An average lead time of approximately 21-30 days should be expected.

Any orders cancelled after 48 hours of placing the order will be subject to a $150 cancellation fee.

Note: For your convenience, we will secure a core for you instead of having to send your manifold in. Please note that the used core types are typically sourced from vehicles with the compatible engine type and are fully functional, but may have cosmetic damages (scratches, swirls) that do not affect performance.

Fits: 03 - 06 Nissan 350z & 03 - 07 Infiniti G35